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CAP Manual 39-1 (click to download) and the latest Interim Change Letter (click to download) provides all the regulations for types of clothing and various associated items (belts, shoes, etc.)  The official CAP source online is VANGUARD.  However you may find items that meet CAP criteria elsewhere, including some local stores.  Since CAP requires woodland camo BDUs but the US Air Force issues fewer and fewer of them as they move to new styles of uniforms, you may need other sources for BDUs and perhaps other related clothing.  Blues (formal) dress can still be obtained at McChord AFB or other sources online.

  Click for more information on the CADET UNIFORM program from CAP National HQ 

  Click here for a brief poster that indicates most common uniform wear.

Military clothing is based on some pretty standard size ranges, however for youth if you can use the waist and inseam sizes and the general adult sizes of shirts, you can get pretty close. Another option is to go down to McChord AFB at JBLM, with their CAP ID card members can to to the Military Clothing store at the BX. The Air Force no longer sells the older style woodland camo BDUs which are regulation wear for CAP but they can get fit both for uniforms and for boots/shoes and you can buy with more confidence online at a billion places.

Shoes and boots are definitely things you want to try on first, even if you order them online later, as those sizes vary so much. Typically a good fitting boot runs at least a half size and often a whole size smaller than a size theyd get at a shoe store, or they are too sloppy and non-supportive. Boots range from approx. $40 to $200 so if there is a lot of growing to do, allow for a few upgrades over the years if you want to.

Locally, there is a list of a few stores that might work including Big 5, Ed’s Surplus (Lynnwood), and Sirplus (Woodinville)but you just never know how well stocked theyll be.  I would just encourage a few try-ons for sizing to make sure things work out well.  Other sites besides Vanguard may have suitable substitutes for clothing and things like nametapes as well as footwear, such as for nametapes, etc.

And when you are building that rack of ribbons for your Blues uniform, definitely check out the online rack builder at the link provided below, it lets you put in the ribbons you have and creates the correct layout for your ribbon rack as specified in CAP M 39-1.



VANGUARDS CAP STORE (the official site authorized by CAP)

ARMY NAVY Superstores

US Cav

History of USAF Uniform Items



  • BIG 5
  • Eds Surplus (Lynnwood)
  • McChord Air Force Base (Military Clothing Store at the BX you need CAP ID to get on base and buy clothing)