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Many activities require the participant to have earned their ICUT (Introductory Communication User Training) qualification as a part of Emergency Services.

Getting your ICUT qualification is relatively simple. It’s not so much about deep technology, it’s more about learning how and when to use radios in a CAP activity, so it’s rules, regulations, and procedures mostly.

There are two basic elements:

  1. Online ICUT Training to include ALL the OP1, T1, and OP2 coursework  including short videos and quizzes unless you have previously passed ACUT
  2. In-person Evaluation by a ICUT-qualified evaluator (brief demonstration of skills learned)


You MUST complete all the online training first, so to get started watch the online videos and take the quizzes. You can access the ICUT Training Online here (NOTE you must login to eServices first to gain access):

This is the initial training for all CAP personnel using CAP radios. This course replaces prior training and qualifications (both the Basic Communications User training (BCUT) and the Advanced Communication Users training (ACUT).

ICUT is offered online and includes several segments of produced video instruction. Subsequent skills evaluation by a mentor/evaluator is also required. The only prerequisites for ICUT are being an active CAP cadet or senior member, as defined by CAPR 39-2, Civil Air Patrol Membership, and completion of OPSEC training.


The online course is made up of 3 sections: OP1, T1, and OP2. Each section has a few brief videos followed by online quizzes. If you previously have achieved either the BCUT or ACUT qualification, you may optionally be able to skip some sections. If you are new to Communications Training, simply complete all three sections (OP1, T1, and OP2)


You CANNOT take the evaluation until your online training has been successfully recorded online via eServices, which happens automatically when you pass the online training. Once you have completed the requirements of the online training, notify your chain of command that you are requesting your final evaluation, which is done in person and observed and evaluated by an ICUT-qualified ES evaluator. The evaluation will cover a very brief review of your online training, some simple operational training about the equipment used in the evaluation, followed by the evaluation. The refresher takes about 10 minutes and the evaluation takes about 5 minutes, it’s that simple.