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Great Start

Great Start

We are having our “Cadet Great Start” running until the end of 2014. Great Start is for all new cadets (and prospective cadets who are still thinking about or in the process of joining CAP) to help you move ahead and learn more about CAP. Cadet Great Start transforms ordinary youth into Cadet Airmen in 5 short weeks. All Northshore cadets currently working on their first achievement, named the Curry Achievement after MAJOR GENERAL JOHN F. CURRY who served as CAPs first national commander. Its indoctrination in the best sense of the word. Some hallmarks of the program include:

  • Provides a standardized, easy to use curriculum
  • Challenges cadet officers and NCOs as instructors
  • Builds trust between CAP leaders and parents
  • Includes a plan for managing administrative tasks
  • Involves cadets in exciting, hands-on activities
  • Concludes with a graduation and promotion to Cadet Airman including getting the first stripe!

The Cadet Program is designed to instill in cadets a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline. Cadets not their parents – are responsible for preparing their uniform, planning ahead to juggle school and other obligations, and signing up for special events.

Currently, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Litalien is in charge of the training for cadets in Great Start. Supervised by senior officer Capt. Scherer, former Spaatz Cadet, we will train our new cadets to be exceptional leaders.

Great Start Program Resources


Great Start Program Online Resources
Parents Information Link
Cadet Fitness Program. CAP P 52-18 . Attachment 3 page 32 Fitness Chart
Cadet Program Fundamentals Seminar F1 . Path of Progression Page 6
Getting Started Online Cadet Testing including OPSEC test (required) . Cadet Online Testing User Guide (creating eServices account, OpSec, Testing)
Online Tests
Cadet Leadership Expectations
Great Start for Cadets. CAP P 52-9
Review Board Form. CAP F 50-1
Learn To Lead Chapter One PDF (for those who have not gotten their materials yet)
Drill Exams
Drill And Ceremonies Information