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Awards and Promotions

March 2017

Promotion to Cadet Airman:

  • Cadet Silas Kirkman

Promotion to Cadet Second Lieutenant:

  • C/CMSgt Thomas Hacking

Promotion to Second Lieutenant:

  • SM Austin Gregory

Awarding the Red Service Award:

  • C/A1c Joseph Fuller

February 2017:

Promotion to Cadet Airman:

  • Cadet Caleb Kreft

Promotion to Cadet Airman First Class:

  • C/Amn Miles Pruitt

Promotion to Cadet First Sergeant:

  • C/MSgt Bryan Huff

Presentation of Wright Bros Award:

  • C/TSgt Noah Cook

Cadet Honor Roll:

  • C/2d Lt Bruno Christensen
  • C/MSgt Bryan Huff

Cadet Physical Fitness Excellence:

  • C/CMSgt Darius Hacking
  • C/CMSgt Thomas Hacking
  • C/2d Lt Spencer Keller
  • C/Amn Caleb Kreft
  • C/A1c Miles Pruitt