Cadet Programs

Cadet Program

Northshore Squadron Cadet Corps

The corps of cadets at Northshore Composite Squadron hosts cadets from a wide geographic, educational, and interest spectrum, giving our cadet corps a great opportunity to learn how to work in a diverse culture with people of different backgrounds and performance levels. At the heart of the program though our cadets learn to be leaders of character, who live by the CAP Core Values all day, every day. Our goal is excellence, and we strive for that in all we do.

To achieve excellence, we try to have a well-rounded program with regular emphasis on the main missions of CAP including creating an outstanding cadet program, providing emergency services, and building our aerospace education. We coordinate and participate with programs across the area and the state, and strongly encourage out cadets to participate actively because there is simply so much more that CAP offers than we can do on a one-night-a-week basis.

Historically, Northshore Squadron cadets have a love of the variety of activities involved in Emergency Services as well as Color Guard, and at the same time they are eager to participate in fly-ins, orientation flights, Search-And-Rescue, Basic Marksmanship Encampment, and a host of other CAP activities both locally and nationally.

Northshore Squadron Cadet Program Staff

At Northshore Squadron, we have one-year terms for our cadet commander, and six-months terms for the other cadet staff positions. These positions include all cadet staff positions, both cadet cadre’ (command staff and other instructors) as well as support staff (Public Affairs, Security, Administration, etc.).

Awards and Promotions

March 2017 Promotion to Cadet Airman: Cadet Silas Kirkman Promotion to Cadet Second Lieutenant: C/CMSgt Thomas Hacking Promotion to Second Lieutenant: SM Austin Gregory Awarding the Red Service Award: C/A1c Joseph Fuller February 2017: Promotion to Cadet Airman: Cadet Caleb Kreft Promotion to Cadet Airman First Class: C/Amn Miles Pruitt Promotion to Cadet First Sergeant: …

Great Start

Great Start We are having our “Cadet Great Start” running until the end of 2014. Great Start is for all new cadets (and prospective cadets who are still thinking about or in the process of joining CAP) to help you move ahead and learn more about CAP. Cadet Great Start transforms ordinary youth into Cadet …